No doubt by now you will have seen our “Inside Airsoft” article about Evolution International that appeared in this months main issue, and in that article Sergio mentioned that ““Evolution International is entirely dedicated to innovation, so we can confirm that we are already working on new products”, and he also mentioned their new GHOST series of AEGs.

We’re pleased to tell you that the new GHOST range is already available, and with an initial NINE AR-style variants there’s something to catch any discerning airsofters eye!

The GHOST is a ground-breaking project for Evolution as the AEGs have been entirely designed in Italy in Gardone Valtrompia (the “firearms valley” that some 90% of the prestigious Italian firearms manufacturers like Beretta call home!) by one of the most skilled real gun designers with who Evolution International worked side by side to develop a ground breaking line of guns that doesn’t have equals on the market when it comes to overall design and the technological and technical content. All the GHOST models benefit from some new tecnology, such as:

Electromagnetic Core – Built-in Electronic Trigger Unit, with electromagnetic sensors, Active Brake Mosfets, automatic Full Cycle control and battery protection system for superior performance and peace of mind

EMR – The super-lightweight EMR™ Evolution Modular Rail is made of CNC machined billet aluminum, matte black coated, M-LOK compatible; the highest quality standard in the industry!

CARBONTECH™ – The GHOST bodies are made of CARBONTECH™, a space-age carbon-reinforced techno-polymer designed to be lightweight and strong under heavy duty use

All in all the GHOST variants look absolutely superb, and with the component list given it looks like they’ll perform just a beautifully as they look!

To check out all the models just take a look at the new GHOST range HERE