There’s always a LOT of ongoing debate about mounting laser designators on AEGs and GBBS, but in the “real world” a handgun mounted laser can be of major benefit when it comes to getting shots on target FAST!

And who better to talk about this than Surefire, as after all they were at the head of the charge when it comes to the history of “visual aiming devices”, with one of their first creations appearing atop the AMT Hardballer .45 Longslide used by the original “Terminator”!

Surefire tell us in a GREAT article that;

“There are times when a firearm paired with a SureFire laser-equipped WeaponLight provides a tremendous advantage, especially in non-standard shooting positions…What if a threat is so imminent that you don’t have time to complete your presentation? What if the situation dictates that you make a one-handed, fight-stopping hit as soon as your handgun clears the holster? That’s precisely why having a quality laser on your gun could save your life.”

As much as fitting a light/laser combo to your GBB handgun is hopefully never going to be “life saving” for any of us, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate what the “airsoft advantage” can be; check out Surefire’s full article HERE, and if you’re already using a laser designator as opposed to a VLI, then this will be of great use, and a great way to spend some of your weekend downtime!