Well it’s the start to a whole new week after a weekend of fine weather that finally let us get to the outdoor “long range” (okay, Bill went on his own to abide by C-Virus guidelines, but it was still a range day!)so there’s been a flurry of testing of new models in readiness for reporting in the new issue due on 15th March!

But this morning we want to talk about this years emergent trend, and that’s the “Pistol Calibre Carbine”, and we’re overjoyed to see that WE Airsoft have kicked this into high gear in the GBB “realm” with a new series of gas-driven AR platforms that are sure to please airsofters and those in the 6mm Training world A LOT!

We’ve picked out the basic M4 PCC to talk about as it’s closest in our mind to the old Colt carbine that was (and is in some places!) highly respected by elite police units; of course it was also incredibly popular with those that wanted an “AR” to train with that kept ammunition costs down, and shared magazines with their chosen 9mm pistol!

The WE PCC SERIES, just like their other classic “M4” models, are full metal GBBs, really substantial replicas that feel a lot like the real thing!This particular version from WE is more in line with the current 9mm pistol calibre carbines which use Glock magazines. Much like its real steel counterpart, this rifle uses G-series magazines which you will be able to use it in your WE G series pistol too. The carbine is patterned after the traditional M4 RIS featuring a carry handle and basic four-stage retractable “LE” stock.

Internally it benefits from the same high-quality parts and construction we’ve seen in many other WE “M4” GBBRs and can easily be swapped out for upgrade parts or replacement parts if necessary. An important point to note is the lower receiver is molded specifically to fit G-series pistol magazines and WILL NOT fit AR/M4 magazines. WE has managed to create this GBB with a surprisingly strong recoil impulse and snappy cycling, even though they’re only using a pistol magazine. To add to this, there is a different buffer spring for you to experience an even faster cycling rate!

Whilst the “classic” configuration may not sing to you as much as it does to us, WE have created several different models using the same base technology, so the choice is yours! If you want to try your hand at using as GBBR for skirmishing, then although the standard PCC magazines are 50BB capacity, you’ll be pleased to hear that the WE DRUM MAGANZINE SERIES will provide 300BB capacity, so you needn’t be afraid of running dry and falling out of the game due to running out of BBs!

We think that is is a very cool looking GBB carbine, and with a nod back to an older version that shows the continuation of the “American Rifle” story, it’s as close to the real thing as you’ll find and we’re looking forward to checking it out further thanks to our friends in the UK at iWholesales!

Colour: Black
Category: GBB ( Gas Blow Back )
Hop-up: Adjustable
Blow Back: Yes
Bullet Type: 6mm BB
Shooting Mode: Semi / Fully Automatic
Power (Muzzle Velocity): iro 380 FPS (quoted, as yet untested)
Power Source: Top Gas / Green Gas (HFC22)
Magazine Capacity: 50 BBs
Length: 660mm / 750mm (Extended)
Weight: iro 2700g