If, like us, you thoroughly enjoyed the live video from Popular Airsoft of this years “Players Choice Awards 2021” then by now you’ll know that sadly Airsoft Action was pipped to the post again this time by the awesome team over at ARMS magazine, and if we were going to come second to anyone, we’re very pleased it was to another GREAT airsoft publication with a genuinely huge and established readership in their own market!

As always in airsoft, this year we accept that another player got the drop on us, so we’ll take our hit honourably, but we’ll re-spawn and be back with a vengeance…

Of course though we were overjoyed to see so many friends both winning their awards, and presenting them too! Well done to everyone that was nominated as this is a BIG thing in itself, but especially many CONGRATULATIONS to our personal friends at Redwolf Airsoft, Gunfire, EVIKE.com, Laylax, Military1st, Airsoft & Milsim News Blog, Airsoft Europe, and ActionSportGames.

A huge WELL DONE to each and every one of you, both airsoft companies and players that won an award this year, and rest assured that Airsoft Action will be fighting hard in the coming months to regain our own position at the top for 2022!