Our good friends over at UF PRO are keeping up the tempo when it comes to helping us fully understand the kit that we use, and this week they’ve released a superb article on their in-house blog to provide more information on two of the most popular insulating technologies, PRIMALOFT and G-LOFT!

They tell us:

“Thermal insulation materials like Primaloft, Polartec & G-Loft are the key components in low-temperature tactical gear. They must have specific properties that make them suitable for tactical use, like low weight, excellent moisture management, and protection against the elements.

Different variations of the Primaloft insulation all share common characteristics. They are lightweight, easily packable & great thermal insulators. In this blog post we share an insight to this thermal insulation material and put it in a head to head battle with our current in-use G-Loft material.”

With some great historical setting for the technologies used, along with some in-depth technical information and care instructions, this is an article that we’ve read with great interest, and if you have a “lofted insulation” jacket in your gear locker, or are considering adding one for those chilly overnighters or Safe Zone moments, then we’d suggest it’s 100% worth your time to check it out, and you can read the full article HERE