Another week begins, and at Airsoft Action we’re proud to cover as many aspects of airsoft as we possibly can, and long-range discipline of course features highly on our list of “loves”!

As Bill said in the review of the Evolution M40 in the current issue;

“It’s amazing how you forget the simplicity of just being on a range, you and your rifle, with a bag of decent BBs and some targets, and just having at it for hours on end. Shot after frustrating shot will head downrange until everything settles in; you’ve relaxed, the rifle has had enough BBs through it to settle both the action and the hop, your scope is zero’d correctly, and even the weather is perfect with little or no wind to deflect your shots! When everything comes together it’s a real “WOW” moment, and the satisfaction of just making those near-perfect shots time after time is something that stays with you until the next time you hit the range and start all over again…”

And this morning we’re pleased to talk about another model that will be appearing in both a full review and in the Red Cell “Long Range Test” during this summer, and that’s the fully-licenced EMG Barrett Fieldcraft Precision Bolt-Action Rifle!

Designed as an ultra-precise long range bolt-action rifle, the Barrett Fieldcraft pairs aggressive aesthetics with excellent precision in a lightweight package.

The Fieldcraft is one of Barrett’s newest releases, aimed for use in precision shooting applications. The Barrett Fieldcraft by EMG recreates the same details found on the real rifle, making this a great option for players, collectors, and enthusiasts. The stock features a smooth tapered shape at the front, a contoured grip section for increased ergonomics, a low-profile comb that centre-lines the bolt, an integrated cheek rest in the rear of the stock, and a comfortable rubber butt pad at the end. The Fieldcraft rifle features a unique fluted CNC machined bolt for weight savings, as well as some added style. Several facets have been machines into rifle receiver in several key areas to shave down weight, making the Fieldcraft extremely light. To top it off, officially licensed Barrett trademarks are deep engraved into the side of the receiver giving this rifle a very authentic look and feel.

One of the biggest features of the EMG Barrett Fieldcraft is the pre-installed featherweight Zero Tigger. Measuring at just 1.2lbs of trigger force, the Fieldcraft has one of the lightest trigger pulls on the market today. To further add to the Fieldcraft’s capability, a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel comes pre-installed for improved accuracy. Match those features with the Fieldcraft’s reinforced internal parts and you’ve got yourself a highly precise, accurate rifle that’s ready for the field!

Length: 1142mm
Inner Barrel: 500mm 6.03mm Stainless Steel Tightbore
Magazine Capacity: 30BBs; works with TM-compatible VSR-10 style magazines
Fire Modes: Single shot, safety
System: High Power Spring Bolt Action, VSR-10 compatible
Hopup: Adjustable
FPS Range: 550-570 (Quoted with 6mm .20g BB)

Our thank go to the crew at iWholesales for providing us with a testing samples of this awesome-looking rifle, and suffice to say we’re REALLY looking forward to getting this bad boy on the range this week; winds are forecast light, and the sun is going to be shining, so what better a way to spend an afternoon (or two)!