LCT AIRSOFT have been releasing some stunning AEGs of late, but there’s one that we’ve been waiting for impatiently with our “OPFOR HATS” on, and that the SVDS!

Following his visit alongside ‘Military Anny’ Wu to LCT AIRSOFT’s headquarters in Changhua (as featured in ISSUE 154) Stewbacca got his hands on a prototype of this new model and discussed their impending arrival during December’s MOA 2022 and the earlier campfest in April.

Our good friends at LCT were good enough to send a sample to him just prior to initial release so he could get some trigger time behind it, and as production models begin making their way across the world to no doubt equally eagerly-waiting end users, we’ll be dropping his take in our DMR-centric ISSUE 155 on October 15!

For those of you that are anticipating something a bit special from LCT with the SVDS then we can tell you now that Stewbacca has reported that this latest AEG creation is “built like a tank, with realistic production methodologies, and exceptionally easy to get up and running and throwing BBs out reliably into the 50m -70m range without much effort or tuning in reality…”

Tune into ISSUE 155 next month to get the full, Stewbacca-style lowdown!