In our “Hi-Speed, Lo-Drag” world, one of the most important things is your equipment, especially a good pair of boots.

Boots for professionals need to stand up to wear for extended periods of time; although we as airsofters don’t particularly need this level of performance, having it is an absolute plus. When choosing a tactical boot, we need to look for a style with superior support, light weight and durable construction, comfort, and protection from the elements and rough terrain.

Thanks to our mates at MILITARY1ST we’ve been able to check out some new boots from the PROTEKTOR brand, and so far they’ve performed REALLY well… with everything from desert models through to fully waterproof and insulated styles, PROTEKTOR offer something that covers pretty much every environment!

We’ll be looking at the brand and the models in more detail in ISSUE 155 next month, but for now we can tell you that the PROTEKTOR GROM CROSS MAX TACTICAL BOOTS are certainly doing the job intended… be sure to check them out today!