Following on from our ONE TIGRIS share earlier in the week, as promised we’re now sharing the link to their blog entry entitled THE CORRECT USE OF PISTOL HOLSTERS!

“In the last article we covered different pistol carry systems. Moving on, let’s talk about the different types of polymer built fast draw systems. When we’re choosing a pistol holster, besides the obvious gun model and quality options, we need to consider the locking system. Safety is always the first priority and no matter if it’s real guns or airsoft guns, gun release/retention will greatly affect speed and efficiency. During the 21st Century War on Terror, polymer built holsters greatly grew in popularity compared to nylon holsters because the solid material allowed speedier access to your gun than traditional nylon holsters, and gun retention was also made easier.”

As we’re just about to hit the weekend we thought it was a great time to share this; if you’re not out playing this weekend then it might just be time to try a few new techniques safely at home, so check out the full article HERE