The guys over at the 3P Trade Store just dropped us a line to advise that their new pre-sale product, the “DBAL-A2”, will be coming along in May, and it certainly looks pretty cool!

There will be four versions available:

  • Red laser+IR+white light
  • Green laser+IR+white light
  • Blue laser+IR+white light
  • Red &green laser+IR+white light

Available in Black or Tan, for all versions the stats are:

  • Size:86.5*70*42.6
  • Weight:128g
  • Lumen:160lm
  • Power:Red laser 3wm
  • Power: Green/Blue laser:5wm

If you like your AEG or GBBR to look bang on trend, then this could be a great addition to your loadout!