Our good friends over at Popular Airsoft have just highlighted a great initiative in collaboration with One Tigris for Mask Sleeves, with funds raised to benefit frontline keyworkers!

In the words of the Popular Airsoft team:

“We have been looking into ways of raising funds for charities that are supporting Covid-19 pandemic frontliners. Since we have seen gear makers produce sleeve masks to use for their local hospitals, we have reached out to OneTigris if it is possible if they can make such sleeve masks that can be ordered by airsoft players that they can use when they go outside during a lockdown and perhaps can also be used as lower face masks for airsoft games when game fields start to open once the Covid-19 Pandemic is over.”

Much as we would like to think different, it’s quite possible that initially when we do get back out to play we will need to be wearing some form of PPE mask, so wouldn’t you rather have something like a cool sleeve to hide a protective one away, and know that you’re directly supporting a worthwhile cause at the same time?

There are two designs under consideration, so please do check HERE for more information.