It’s a whole new week and with a new issue “in build” as always we hit it running hard!

We always love it when a manufacturer best-known for the quality of their bespoke-solution aftermarket parts and accessories jumps into the ring with a fully-fledged platform that appears good to go from the box, and with over 20 years airsoft experience Titanium Tactical Industries (TTI) who hail from Taiwan have the desire to “focus on (and) design more useful and more fun products in airsoft market!”

This is something we hear time and again, but with the TTI TP22 GBB they really seem to be walking the walk!

This new design with a nylon-fibre body is Tokyo Marui G17 and Umarex VFC Glock 17 compatible when it comes to mags, and is RMR ready as well; they quote it as a “Competition Airsoft Gas Blowback” and the setup appears to back this up.

Features are solid;

Replaceable magazine latch on the left and right side
Built-in semi/full auto adjustment button
14mm ccw screw outer barrel with sheath
120mm plated inner barrel
Fiber optic sights
TDC hop-up system

With an overall length if 215mm and weighing in at 720g this looks to be perfectly sized and weighted for some friendly competition, as well as being a contender in the “not a G” stakes more generally… we’re really interested to see what this new kid on the block can do, and as soon as we can get up to see our mates at iWholesales who are distributing in the UK you’ll be the first to know what we think!