There have been some great new additions to the Helikon-Tex line in the past couple of years, and it’s great to see those really getting the attention they deserve!

Our friends at MILITARY 1ST have been in touch again to let us know that one of our favourite-ever items of gear from Helikon-Tex is in stock with them now in new colours, and there’s one that we’re certain is going to appeal to a lot of you out there… the WINDRUNNER WINDSHIRT is now available in US WOODLAND!

Okay, there’s also TIGERSTRIPE, FLECKTARN, and DESERT NIGHT CAMO available too now, but that woodland version is sure to be a “must have” for many… including us!

But why is this one of our favourites? Bill tells us that;

“It’s that time of year where I live when I hopefully don’t need a fully-fledged hardshell, but I do want something that can be worn over a combat shirt to add an additional layer against wind chill, and ideally I look for garments that are lightweight and have a minimal pack size.

The Windrunner Windshirt has been my “go to” for this for a while now, and is an ideal carry item because of its minimum weight and size when folded. At just 190g (size XL) its ultra-light, tightly-woven Nylon fabric protects you from the wind, and if the DWR coating is regularly maintained, also from light rain; the Windrunner is an ideal garment for any kind of outdoor games and range-work too!

Mesh ventilation slats in armpits allow increased air circulation for when you’re really working hard, and on a cooler day, worn on top of a combat shirt, it keeps your all-important core warmth from escaping and protects against wind chilling. A large front channel pocket easily accommodates a cap, gloves or a buff, and two small flat pockets inside the larger pocket help to organize small items like smartphone or ID (or a cheeky extra mag!).

Additional features are sparse and minimalistic in that there is a lightweight hood, elasticated cuffs and a drawstring hem, and that’s it. On a garment like this though you don’t need a massive amount of features as that just increases bulk and weight. My first Windrunner (the tan version) has been with me since 2017 and I have to admit that I absolutely love it and have worn it a LOT!

It’s a superb piece of kit that gives you just that little extra protection when things start to get cooler, and therefore I would thoroughly commend it to you; in fact I’ll tell you right now that I’ve added additional Windrunners in different camos and colours to work with different loadouts, and it looks like another will be on its way to me soon!”

Whilst not the cheapest windshirt on the market, the WINDRUNNER comes with a genuine “tried and tested” recommendation from us, so if you’re in need of a little something extra for your summer loadout, then this could be the very thing!