We posted at the back end of last week (courtesy of our old mates at VORSK) to let everyone know that the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated VORSK VMP-1 GBB SMG had arrived at their warehouse, and that it would be hitting retailers very soon… and it appears that the retailers in the UK have gone absolutely MAD for this new platform as there are posts literally EVERYWHERE on social media right now announcing the arrival of stock in-store!

And that’s not the only thing to have gone out through the roof as the Vorsk VMP-1 Owners Group on f-book is going completely mental… in the best possible way!

Overnight there have been a mass of postings all either expressing anticipation of the imminent arrival of pre-orders to players from said retailers, or perhaps more importantly, the delight of players that have already received their very own VMP-1 already.

And we’re pleased to report that we’re among those delighted to have already received our very own models of this stunning new gas platform, as there are now FOUR VMP-1s in-house among the members of RED CELL, and we’ll be putting them through their paces, much like all of you, both in-game and on the range at the earliest possible opportunity.

Did we say “earliest opportunity”? Yes we did, and Bill went straight out to the woodland range yesterday evening to start our own detailed evaluation of the VMP-1, and laid down nearly 1000 BBs through five mags in a straight session! He told us this morning;

“As everyone knows I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in the VMP-1 project pretty much since its inception and AIRSOFT ACTION has been given privileged access throughout the development of this cracking new SMG, following it through concept, initial design, its sample stages, and now to the final production model!

Our VMPs arrived mid-afternoon yesterday and oh boy, my first impression is that the fit and finish of the production models is way better than anything we saw on any of the pre-prod samples; it is absolutely nailed in every respect! I’d not seen the mag covers before but these are excellent, and I’ll certainly be ordering a few more of these to go with the additional four magazines as they really finish off the look of the VMP-1 with a very distinct look.

Everything about the production model sings as the operation is smooth as silk, and the suppressor fitting is just amazing; I’ve had many, many airsoft suppressors over the years and I have NEVER had one that fits on quite as simply and solidly as that of the the VORSK, so top marks there! I understand from conversations in the owners group that tracer units are already being fitted inside too… The folding stock also deserves an “honourable mention” too as it’s solid as a rock, so solid in fact that you’ll need to give it a slight tap from underneath to release it when deploying or folding to the side, although I’m sure that this will ease up with use.

Up on the 30m “woods range” I loaded up with VORSKs own .25g and .28g Precision BIO BBs and filled five mags to their 48 BB capacity. Using first VORSK V6 and then V8 FUEL (the VMP operated perfectly on both) I proceeded to empty all the mags downrange; although you can use a tool for setting the crisply-indented rotary hop, if you have small fingers then practically it’s easily set without….

After a few mags just settling things down I started clanging the steels, with targets set at 10, 20, and 30m. Just using the fitted fibre-optic sights I was able to ring the steels time and again at all ranges, with no apparent “fliers”; superb! Each magazine appears capable of getting two loads away before you need to re-gas which says a lot about the efficiency of the “VORSK OS”,and I managed to work through the five magazines three times in full with one re-gas, with a part-load through four more before the impending storm set in and the rain came down hard and had me running for cover… my first thoughts though… 100% BANGING!

For its first outing I am really amazed and delighted at just how well the VMP-1 performed out of the box, although in my excitement to fire off BBs I actually forgot to take the chrono with me! Of course now we’ll get in to some full-on field-testing before Jimmy, Ben, Smooth Jase and I land our full evaluation in Issue 153 in August.

I sincerely hope that for those of you that have already received your own VMP-1 that it’s giving you as much airsoft joy as mine is giving me already, and for those of you still waiting… well, you’re in for a BIG treat! I look forward to meeting up with fellow owners at NAF 2023 and hearing all about your own experiences and adventures with what I am sure will become a “classic”!”