It’s that time again that we’re looking to the weekend, but what a day today has been with the UK landing of the VORSK VMP-1… here’s another shot of AA RED CELL member Ben from the photoshoot we did with VORSK and AA LEGION Associate Josh from KRIOS PHOTOGRAPHY just to keep the excitement rolling!

Apart from today’s fabulous news on the VMP-1 though it’s been a brilliant week at AAHQ with new AEGs and GBBs continuing to land… the days of the pandemic seem thankfully to be in the dim and distant past and things are surging forward properly hot again as we line up the test program for the coming months ahead!

But this weekend is very much business as usual for all involved with AA as Stewbacca told us that “Im back to Hutoushan this weekend with the usual crowd after last weekend’s pistol course teaching-funtimes. I’ll be rounding out my reviews of the LCT LC-3K and RA-Tech Noveske N4 10.5″ GBBR ready for next issue too!”

Miguel checked in to tell us that “we are going to Op. Blue Pax next Sunday; a game organized for a group of teams who play a lot together… and it will be another hot Sunday!” while Ben (he of the image!) told us that “I’m playing at the new Citadel CQE site locally, testing out the new comms and recording some epic gameplay! I’m excited to get out and play as I’ve not done so for a couple months now and it being my favourite style of play, CQB, I’m gonna go full on… Sharp by name sharp by nature!”

Dan is getting prepared; “we’ve got our western themed game coming up in July, so I will just be checking that my guns and gear are all squared away so I’m not doing any last minute scrambling. My Luger looks to need a little inspection as it’s having an odd issue where it’ll randomly bump into runaway full-auto when you’re firing it… very exciting!”

Jimmy as always is neck-deep in AEGs and GBBs as he reported in to say “It’s a busy one ahead this weekend as Saturday has been fully booked with tech-work and I can see it stretching into Sunday… back at the bench, no surprise there lol! I have a full DMR build on a VFC HK417, a lot of choice parts going in a TM 416 Delta, getting hands on with a limited edition SRC MP40 to see what areas can be made better, there’s a brand new Double Eagle UTR45 is getting dissected and inspected and if I get the time servicing on a Umarex HK MP5 A5 GBB along with an ARES L85A2… I lost interest a bit with the L85 (bah, bullpup!) to be honest so saving that until last!”

And Bill “chipped on to say “I’ve had some lovely rangetime in the sun with the FAR from G&G… what a fun little AEG it is… I’ve got the final work to put into the BOLT SCAR and the DELTA Mk18 though this weekend before the new issue so it’s looking good for me. I’ve also got to start prepping kit for a visit to a (in the words of Boycie!) “REDACTED” location in July… more on that to come in due course!”

All in all this summer so far is proving to be a busy one, and with more events to be attended and trips for the AA Crew to make in search of new airsoft stories, and of course more “guns n’ gear” to get tested in the meantime! We hope that your own personal airsoft calendar is looking equally exciting, and of course wherever you may be playing…

Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!