We did say that it was going to be a BIG day for new models, and here’s the one that we have ALL been waiting for!

For all of us that have been waiting impatiently to get our hands on the all-new VORSK VMP-1 and the awesome VMP-1X packs the time is NOW!

We literally just heard from the VORSK crew that the delivery of all the models is now with them, and they are actually in the process of unloading the container at their warehouse right now (they sent us this image from the warehouse of the very first boxes unloaded!) before turning the orders around and getting them out to your local airsoft store!

As you know, AIRSOFT ACTION has been following this story, the development of a completely new and exciting GGB platform from the very beginning, and just like all of you we can’t wait to get our hands on our very own VMP-1!

Of course we’ll be making further posts when the VMP-1 arrives with us, and getting in some serious range and game-time before we make our full report on the production model as usual…

Now, as the anticipation builds the question from us is… what colour did YOU choose???