New week spotted, let’s GO!

We’ve been doing a whole bunch of rangework recently on the RED CELL SMG category, and with the arrival of the G&G R5 that we spoke about this time last week we’ve been specifically looking at the “MP5-style” models in the pool.

The RED CELL program is now in YEAR FOUR OF FIVE so we’re on the long-haul to the finish before we publish our final results at the end of 2025… it’s been a lengthy journey to bring all the models to this point, but amazingly even though all of them have been hard-used we still have only a handful of “catastrophic failures” to report which goes to show just how far even the most basic AEG and GBB models have come in recent years!

But back to “MP5-style” and we’re really pleased to see that iWholesales have finally got the SECUTOR VIRTUS SWAT variants back in stock, so these should be hitting UK dealers soon now! It’s a model that we’ve wanted to get into the pool for a while now, and although you may wonder how we can add new models to the program even at this late date, it means that they will take a proper hammering to get their BB-count up to the level of the others.

So, thousands of BBs to be put downrange in a short period… not pressure on the internals there at all!

And the SECUTOR VIRTUS SWAT models have some great features that we believe will let them stand up to this level of abuse! If you look at the internal feature set of the SWAT XI (pictured) then you’ll find;

  • Electronic trigger
  • Maple Leaf rubber
  • Precision 6.03mm inner barrel
  • V2 Gearbox
  • Combination of 8mm bearings and bushing
  • Metal cylinder, cylinder head, and nozzle
  • Piston with all-metal teeth

And if you’re wondering “Virtus omnia vincit” means “Virtue conquers all”, so we’re very interested to see if the SWAT XI will not only stand up against the competition in this category, but will “conquer” as it claims.

As always, watch this space…