Way back in 2017 Bill had a close look at the Krytac LMG Enhanced, and he said at the time;

“When it comes to Krytac all you need to do is buy your chosen AEG, add a decent battery and BBs and you’re in the game! All European models are CE Certified and bear all the legally required markings, which will guarantee conformity to all European directives and safety standards. In addition, KRYTAC AEGs’ will be offered in models/power ranges to meet country specific regulations, which means that you can be assured of staying legal.

For a skirmishable LMG the Trident Enhanced really does tick all the boxes for me… it’s one hell of a beast. If you fancy yourself as a support gunner then the KRYTAC could well be the very thing you’ve been searching for!”

And the LMG-E has indeed proved to be a reliable and effective support gun since he first looked at it, and now it’s “getting on a bit”, with a couple of decent services under its belt, it’s still chucking out BBs and suppressing the opposition every bit as well as it did when it was new; it’s no surprise then that their many variants of airsoft RIF’s are very popular at sites all over the world, and very sought after!

And to kick off a new week Land Warrior Airsoft have again been in touch in touch to tell us about a new Krytac delivery inbound, and emailed to say;

“Krytac are of the best companies in the Modern-Era of airsoft, and we have their most popular items available for Pre-Order now! Be it their PDW-M’s, Kriss Vector’s or even their mighty LMG-E’s, we have them coming soon and available for Pre-Order right now!”

So, if you fancy a bit of Krytac in your life there’s been no better time to grab one of their many great-looking, and great performing AEGs!