It’s no secret that certain members of the AA Crew have a real love for technical and tactical clothing from UF PRO, and that love extends to others that we are proud to work with like our good friend Chris over at the Airsoft & MilSim News Blog.

As we start to think about getting our own kit ready for the coming Winter months ahead (top-tip; start preparing now!), something we’ll be talking bout in depth soon, Chris has just got an early look at the latest jacket from UF PRO, the DELTA COMPAC, and it looks awesome!

Chris tells us;

“Autumn is here and winter is around the corner too so what better time of the year to get geared-up for the cold as now! Just in time for the season, the good people at UF PRO brought another “cold weather jacket” into their line of Delta Jackets to life. The Delta ComPac Jacket.”

So, go and check out what more he has to say about this new jacket HERE

For everyone playing this weekend, keep on top of your kit, have fun, go hard, and enjoy your game!