It’s a whole new week, and there’s a whole lot of airsoft goodness to look forward to, that’s for certain!

It’s no secret that “certain members” of the AA Crew (of all ages!) are big fans of a particular “maschinenpistole”, and if you look around the world of real military and police firearm units there’s still one single SMG design that seems to find fans amongst professional users worldwide, and one that has continued to gather praise even to this day, and of course we’re talking about the “Maschinenpistole 5”, or MP5 from Messrs Heckler and Koch!

But the fact is that the platform, stupendous as it is in both real life and airsoft form, is now looking a little jaded when you put its basic form up next to some of the “uber-SMGs” and PCCs that have become available in the past couple of years. Yes, you can throw a front rail and a claw-mount onto any MP5 out there, but the fact is that it’s not going to scream “2024 tacticool” at you…

But as we saw at IWA G&G are having a very food crack at doing exactly that, and the latest TGM R5 ETU has an awful lot of plus points! G&G’s newest “MP5-styled” model comes with a superb side-folding stock, a dedicated M-LOK system at the front end, and a claw-mount for your optic of choice!

And that’s not all as the “R5” has all of G&Gs  design-flair built in, with some neat updates to the original “MP” design including ambi controls and an ambi mag release, along with their own take on the lower frame, pistol grip and magwell!

The battery is held in the stock which features G&Gs patented C-HS (Conductive-Hinge Stock), and you can even use this with the stock folded! The ETU provides super trigger response, and the patented FCCM (Four Channel Converging Magazine) means that you can keep your little beast well-fed!

So, in a nutshell you get:

  • CHS
  • FCCM (13O BB)
  • M-LOK rail system
  • Claw Mount for Optics
  • ETU
  • 233mm inner barrel
  • Safe-Semi-3BB-burst-Full Auto

It’s a neat, modern package that we currently have under test right now, so be sure to check in for the MAY ISSUE of AIRSOFT ACTION when we’ll being you our FULL evaluation!