A relatively quiet week at AAHQ as ISSUE 161 went live on Monday, and as regulars know we always leave this for a few days before we kick into gear with more news and opinions! It’s been one of those weeks for just getting admin done, catching up on emails, plans, and schedules, and chasing new stories of course!

Lots to talk about in the coming weeks and months, and lots of things to look forward to, and we’ve already got the very latest models coming in for test and evaluation! As Bill tells us “it’s pretty exciting right now as many of the new models that we saw at MOA, SHOT, and IWA are landing, so I for one will be putting in some serious range-hours… and it starts this weekend as the all-new G&G R5 has just arrived with me, and oh boy it looks nice!

I’ve also got some of the VORSK “9” models to take to the range as well before Jase (pictured here by AA Associate Josh from KRIOS) and I give these the RELOADED treatment to advise on how they’re stood up so far.”

But it’s time for everyone in the AA Crew to start getting properly out and about! Whilst Miguel is having some much-needed R&R after back to back weekenders, Dan says “Pegasus MilSim has their season opener this weekend, so I will be in attendance to do a little pew pewing. I’m mainly struggling to figure out what I want to run out there. Since I gave the LMG a hefty workout a few weeks ago, I’m thinking I’ll get back into doing some sniping with the SVD for a change of pace again. I also maaaay have built myself a Colt 733 on a KWA ERG platform, which I want to get a solid game in with. Decisions, decisions…”

Stewbacca told us “Team TaiJi will once again be descending upon the “Pewniversity” site for a typical game day with some extra team training afterwards, I’ll no doubt take the LCT AK74MN out for another spin with yet a different configuration before rounding off my second modularity report on the whole system of accessories – hard knock life for me eh?

I may take the M16A1 along for some further testing although I’m already pretty happy with running it at longer ranges and it isn’t the most ideal CQB platform, perhaps I’ll dabble with something else for a change instead… The HK53 has been looking a bit neglected lately…”

Jimmy is hard at work as usual and told us “I will be spending Saturday morning setting up all my new cross-slide vice for the milling machine ready for Sunday as I have a small mountain of work on and with the better weather on the horizon players are screaming for their gats back. Fingers crossed all my parts arrive before hand” and it seems even L’il Stu is getting in some workshops action as he said “I’m hoping to get a G36K NGRS slightly sorted with a new TB inner barrel and a G&G green HOP rubber!”

Ben is busy working on his game videos and told us “I’m gonna be finishing up my video for YouTube from last Sundays game; I need to get myself anew laptop as some scope-cam footage is too long and big for phone to handle, so unfortunately some nice kill shots might not make the cut, unless I can get laptop sorted out before then…”

Boycie is hard at it as well with some intriguing news as he said “I’m going to be acting as Range Officer on an IPSC comp on Saturday then on Sunday spending time writing part of a training package for a company that I work with; I will be using airsoft for the first part of the training due to its safety and feedback during “force on force” segments…”

Like you, we all have our own way of enjoying airsoft, and there’s no WRONG way in our opinion as long as you’re keeping it legal, safe and fair! Whatever YOU may enjoy though, we hope you have a fabulous weekend or airsoft adventures, and as always we’ll sigh off by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!