For many years now the G&G ARMAMENT COMBAT MACHINE (CM) SERIES AEGs have delighted players new to airsoft, and indeed have been the backbone of the rental pool for many a site!

It’s without doubt that many players first visiting an airsoft site have done so with a “CM16” in hand, and these sturdy little workhorses have introduced and captivated some who have gone on to embrace airsoft not just as a game, but as an integral part of their lives.

Bill and Jase therefore were delighted at IWA therefore to be introduced to the very latest COMBAT MACHINE in the form of the CM16 BATTO which brings this tired and tested campaigner fully up to date!

Coming in at 682.8mm (with a respectable 260mm inner barrel) and weighing just 2310g, the CM16 BATTO comes with a 120 BB magazine as standard, with more features and new designs. The new polymer lower receiver provides room for quick change spring guide to go through from the buffer tube, and the polymer M-LOK-style handguard means that things are bang-on-the-money in terms of looks too. There’s an ambidextrous magazine release, and other new features include a functional bolt catch, an upgraded V2 MIG-enhanced gearbox with steel bushings, a 6.04mm brass precision inner barrel, rotary Hop-Up chamber and dual profile folding fibre-optic sights.

G&G are certainly packing a lot into their newest “entry level AEG” and on paper it looks like it will tick a lot of our “LIKE” boxes… a sample as just arrived at AAHQ today for test and evaluation and what we can tell you is that the CM16 BATTO not only looks great as a finished production model, but feels 100% solid as a rock too!

How does it shoot? We can’t wait to find out, and we’ll share this intel with you as soon as we can!

And the name… BATTO? Although this is as yet unconfirmed by G&G themselves we have a number of martial arts guys among the AA CREW and we’re reliably informed that BATTO, or  Battojutsu, is a sword discipline practiced with a live blade when training for combative effectiveness, taking into account factors like distancing, timing and targeting…. What a GREAT name for an AEG if this is the case!