If you’re anything like us, then you’re sure to have a bit of RANGER GREEN in your personal gear cage, as it’s one of the most adaptable colours when it comes to clothing and gear, fitting in equally well for covert BLUFOR work and well as being perfect for OPFOR in a sea of multicam!

We were therefore very pleased to see that the good guys over at LBX TACTICAL in the USA currently have a promo going on their RANGER GREEN gear!

If you don’t know who they are, then they’re named after their parent company London Bridge Trading, a watchword in the tactical kit world! LBX® (London Bridge X) is an off-shoot where X is the unknown variable, and this range of gear was developed just for that, the unknown. With their core MAP System (Mission Adaptive Panel System), LBX® lets the end user decide how to run their gear for the mission at hand.

Designed and developed at the home office in Virginia Beach, LBX TACTICAL is cut from US made materials and manufactured in Virginia Beach VA, El Paso Texas, Cranston Rhode Island, and Peru South America. The product line is held to the same stringent sewing standards as LBT and comes with a lifetime warranty.

They say;

“Whether you’re military, ex-military, weekend warrior, sports enthusiast or just an all out adrenaline junkie, look for LBX® to offer a wide variety of products with the ability to mix and match components for endless custom load-out capabilities to accommodate your needs.

Our Gear, Your World… whatever the X may be, we’ve got you covered.”

So, if you fancy something just a bit different, but with a true battle-tested name behind it be sure to head on over to lbxtactical.com and check it out!