As we kick into a new week we’re already starting to look forward to a whole lot of airsoft in 2024, and with ISSUE 157 well underway for  15 DECEMBER  we’ve started to look forwards to the new year and what bigger games and events we might want to get involved in, and a little “Namsoft” is definitely on the cards!

We’ve seen some righteous new period models appearing on the GBBR front, but it would appear that DOUBLE BELL (DB) also have their sights fixed on the retro market; we’ve had a very good time with their “416” AEGs especially so their latest “Nam” models we feel deserve a look too.

Now the CAR 15/XM177 has been done by many manufacturers with varying degrees of success before, and although the DB version looks great (apart from the hanguards, a common stitch-bitch “fail point”…) it’s their “M16 STUBBY” that really got our attention, as it’s undeniably a MODEL 607, one of our favourite early AR variants!

The Colt Model 607 was the first attempt to produce a “true carbine” which had both a reduced barrel length and collapsing buttstock. The model 607 used modified AR15/M16 furniture to include a modified two-position buttstock which allowed it to be extended or collapsed, as well as a shortened pistol grip and shortened triangular handguards. The Model 607 had very limited production numbers and saw minimal use in the field by US Military Forces during Vietnam, although pictorial evidence does indicate limited use by SEALs.

What the 607 did though was to pave the way for the “concept” of a 5.56mm carbine-length weapon which eventually would become the “M4” so many of you know and love; the Colt Model 609 was the first Colt carbine to see wide scale production and use by US Military Forces and entered US Military Service with the US Army and was given the designation of XM177E1, and it went into full production in late 1966…. and the rest, quite literally, is history…

Okay, enough of our geek-out for a Monday morning, but suffice to say that we’re very pleased to see this AEG model as the old G&P Model 607 version is almost unobtainable these days… and if anything the DB version seems even more solid, especially when it comes to the somewhat intricate sliding stock!

We’ll be putting the DB 607 and XM177 through their paces this winter and we’ll update in the new year, so as always… watch this space!