As anyone that checks in to AIRSOFT ACTION each month will know we’ve been highly privileged to be right at the heart of things as the VMP-1 story from VORSK has continued to evolve, and there’s more (MUCH MORE!) to come!

Thousands of players, including some of us, are now happy to have the original VMP-1 as their “CQB tool” of choice, and it’s turned out that this punchy little handful of gas-driven airsoft funtimes has the legs to perform more than adequately in longer-range engagements too.

Our VMP-1’s have been with us for six months now, and Bill has been absolutely hammering his since it arrived, so you could say that we know more than a little about how the platform will continue to perform after some real abuse. Jimmy and Ben are both now working with the AIRTAC HPA adapters to see how those fare longer-term, whilst Bill and Jase continue to run VORSK Fuel. Our AA Associate Josh from KRIOS Photography has also been continuing his own quest to document the VMP-1 story, so our thanks to him for the image shown.

We’ll be talking about performance so far in the six-month RELOADED evaluation in ISSUE 157 next month, but the big news coming to stores soon is the VMP-1C!

The “C” variant really parès things back to the fundamental basics for the platform in that it has all the great benefits of the original whilst offering players and out-and-out CQB-focused monster with just a simple single-point sling attachment instead of a full stock, and a straightforward muzzle device. Of course the modularity of the platform as a whole is still in evidence as new parts can be switched out with existing ones, and the commonality of magazines is retained.

We hope that the new “C” will give more players a chance to get on board with the VMP-1 program, and we’re assured that there will be more to come still in 2024! If you haven’t already got on board, then the VMP-1C should be in stores before Christmas, so perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to some that’s properly naughty but very nice indeed!

We’ll be testing the “C” in the weeks to come, so be sure to look out for ISSUE 157 on 15 DECEMBER!