Specna Arms have already been shouting today about their latest high-speed AEGs, and have confirmed that the SA-X01 and SA-X02 (and a selection of other models) are now available in a HIGH SPEED configuration!

They announced;

“Dominate the entire field of play with a rate of fire of 25 BBs per second. This is ensured by an efficient gearbox configuration and a High Torque motor equipped with powerful neodymium magnets and a 22TPA winding.

The factory-installed ASTER SE (TM) system allows up to 250 changes in the replica’s settings, allowing the equipment to be tailored to the user’s personal preferences. A built-in fuse protects against accidental damage to the electronics.”

In the case of the SA-X02 EDGE 2.0™ HIGH SPEED the AEG has a precision internal barrel with a diameter of 6.03mm for solid accuracy and repeatability of shots fired. The barrel is partnered with rotary Hop-Up chamber, which allows for a very precise and stable adjustment, and the as-standard Helium™ Flat Hop will improve stability and make shots fired even more accurate.

The SA-X02 also has a fast spring change system (the patented ESA™) which allows quick and efficient adjustment of the power to the conditions expected in-game without the need for tools. In the box you also get a second M90 mainspring.

The heart of the SA-X02 is the ORION Gearbox based on a on a reinforced frame and equipped with a spring release function main. The HIGH SPEED configuration features the following parts:

  •  reinforced, polymer piston with full steel jaw
  •  lightweight, polymer piston head with bearing
  •  aluminium sealed nozzle
  • polymer cylinder head
  • set of steel gears with 13:1 with fabricated SSG -3 teeth,
  • bearing-mounted spring guide
  • 8mm ball bearings

The SA-X02 also features a powerful, efficient high-torque motor fitted with strong neodymium magnets; the motor has a winding of 22TPA (Turn Per Arm), which allows for rapid firing rate of 25rps (using an 11.1V battery).

Specna Arms seem to be tweaking every ounce of performance from their replicas these days, so if “high speed” is your thing, then the latest SA-X01 and SA-X02 are certainly worth a look!