One of the many interesting new developments that the AA Crew saw at SHOT and IWA was the HYBRID SERIES H-22 STC from ActionSportGames (ASG)!

This new platform that to us looks perfect for a little “urban sniping” is the newest product to join ASG’s Hybrid Series and it looks cool to us! ASG tell us that;

“Based on the well-established KC-02/Special Teams Carbine GBBR platform, the H-22 STC takes things to the next level and brings a more tactical aesthetic to the platform thanks to the HERA Arms Real Steel Chassis. With a top mounted picatinny rail and M-rail mounting points in the 10 and 2 positions, there is plenty of options for dressing the H-22 STC with a range of tactical accessories such as scopes, torches and lasers.

Thanks to its reliable and satisfying Gas Blow Back system, players are brought closer to a realistic experience when handling the H-22 STC. A 29 round gas magazine is included in the box with an optional CO2 magazine available for purchase separately. The gas magazine can run the H-22 STC reliably on the full range of ASG’s ULTRAIR gas, including Green, Orange, and Red, giving more flexibility when powering the replica.”

Kicking out a reported 427fps this appears to be a right little firecracker, and the HERA Arms butt will feature a rubberised butt-pad and removable cheek riser so the ideal sight picture can be easily achieved. Thanks to the built in TDC dial, adjusting the hop-up is quick, easy and precise, allowing for quick repositioning in the field with minimal downtime on accuracy. The panels on the stock are also detachable, allowing for a more open feel when handling the H-22 STC. There will also a stock spacer included in the box for those who wish to have a longer length of pull.

Again ASG say;

“For those wanting the ultimate level of customisation for their H-22 STC, we have worked closely with the team at RogueWorx to ensure that the H-22 STC is 100% compatible with their aftermarket parts. This allows for some truly unique features and performance to be achieved; making your H-22 STC a true one of a kind.

To keep everything secure, the H-22 STC comes with its own gun case as standard, with plenty of extra room to store an additional replica, such as the H-15, in the case alongside your H-22 STC.”

Available in tan (shown), green and black this all sounds exceptional so far, and as the new H-22 STC will start shipping soon we hope that we’ll be able to bring your our review soon! It’s not going to be cheap given what’s included, but it looks like it may well deliver the style and the performance that we’ve always hoped for from the KC-02/Special Teams Carbine GBBR!