Well it has been quite the week at AAHQ with tones going on following IWA 2024Bill and Jase are busy putting their report of this year’s German show together, and it’s gonna be a biggie!

And of course work goes on apace as we prepare ISSUE 160 for the 15th of the month as always, and again as always there’s a lot to talk about with new AEGs, GBBs and kit now dropping into the marketplace following the busy show season.

Don’t you worry though as AIRSOFT ACTION is on top of things and we’ll make sure that you get to hear about all the very latest as soon as we do!

For now then, the weekend has been spotted and although some of the guys are taking some well-earned downtime others are as busy as ever! Bill said “I’m still rolling after IWA and still on a bit of a high after spending some quality time with old friends both in the player community and from the manufacturing side… I’ve got a little bit more work to do on the IWA report tomorrow, and then I am going up to the woods range to put some more BBs through the new ICS CARNOTAURUS pistol… I’ve actually completed the review already, but I’m just going to shoot it again because it’s awesome!”

Stewbacca chimed into the chat to say “Just when you thought you’d get chance to play with one of your own guns… our good friends from the Taiwanese end of the industry have returned from IWA in full force and I have three shiny new sample guns landing with me over this weekend or early next week. I’ll hopefully pick up the VFC T91 SOC GBBR and M16A1 GBBR rifles from VPSC after work on Saturday ready to field on Sunday at our usual Hutoushan jungle mountain region site, which seems the perfect territory for a domestic service rifle and a Vietnam era classic, doesn’t it fellow shooters?

Next week I should get get hands on with my test sample of the Archwick B&T APC9K GBB SMG just prior to their official release as well, so you can look forward to a whole host of new gun content from me over the next… half a year I guess? Woe is me, as always…”

Boycie told us that “I’m hitting Patrol Base for the Novritsch Open Day along with L’il Stu and picking up my Tippmann rifle. Looking forward to seeing the new showroom as well. And Li’l Stu added “I’m off to see Boycie at the PB open day… have cameras will travel!”

Dan said “No games are scheduled this weekend, I’m afraid. I started digging into my Real Sword SVD last night to get it tuned up for the upcoming year, since I haven’t touched it in a fair bit. Mainly needed to change out the O-rings, give it some fresh grease, check for wear and tear, and some further optimizing of the barrel and hopup setup for .45g’s, which what I now mainly shoot through it. Got a few bits arriving in the mail tomorrow, so finishing that up will be my weekend task!”

And for once Miguel is “grounded” as he told us “no airsoft this weekend, we got elections for a new government Sunday, so airsoft is kinda slow… we can play, but not many organize events, and some players are even “working” on the voting tables!”

Now although there’s not any games for Miguel and the GHOSTs this weekend, that’s exactly the kind of wider community commitment that we like to hear about! If any of you out there are carrying out worthwhile tasks in your own community we’d love to hear about them!

But for now, another week done, and another deadline hit for the new issue; now we just need to pull everything together in the studio to bring it all together!

Whatever you may be doing this weekend though we wish you all the very best, and if you’re out playing as always Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!