It seems like we’ve been talking about the “Ronin” RN47 from KWA for some time now, but in reality it’s only been a matter of months!

However, if you refer back to the original “product timeline” that KWA put out at the beginning of this year, the October 3rd 2020 was the date slated for the product release, and it looks like they have hit that date 100% as today what we’re seeing online is a LOT of chatter about the new AEG!

What seems to be missing from all the scuttlebutt though is the regular RN47 AEG, as everyone appears to be focusing on the “bling” KAIJU limited variant, but we’re pleased to say that Airsoft Action have managed to get hold of an early review model of the “stock” RN47 and have been giving it some abuse already, so we’ll be bringing you a FULL report on it in Issue 119 that will go live on the 15th October!

Our sincere thanks go to KWA for getting an early sample over to us, and we’re pretty excited to be able to bring this to you so close to the release date!