It’s been our great pleasure to speak with Mike over at BorderWar again to catch up fully on his AAR following the event that ran successfully again this year in spite of C-19, and it’s been very interesting to hear exactly how they managed to run the event and please players as usual whilst still taking full account of safety guidelines to ensure the protection of all!

As Mike has told us: “BW12 was a successful event, creating a significant milestone in airsoft history in these difficult pandemic times. We are proud that we managed to stand against all complications bringing an epic experience to our fans and not stepping down from the Covid pressures in already a bit of a special airsoft season of 2020. Also we are very proud that we managed to make the event in the same year without 12 months of postponement.” 

Mike has kindly provided us with an AAR of the event showing just how aush a large game still ran safely and effectively and we’ll be publishing that in full soon, but for now check out this superb video of the event created by our friends at Gunfire to get a feel for a game that is truly special!