Back in March this year we mentioned that the AA Crew that attended IWA had spent some quality-time speaking with the guys at HELIKON-TEX, and that they were very impressed by the concept of the new GUARDIAN PLATE CARRIER system.

Well, we’re now very pleased to see that there’s more about this now on the HELIKON-TEX website, and they tell us;

“Where ballistic protection and quick access to tactical equipment are essential, the Guardian Plate Carrier vest proves its worth. This is a carrier for ballistic plates with a modular pocket system for gear. The Guardian Plate Carrier is designed so that each user can choose the appropriate configuration for themselves. Helikon-Tex offers two ready-made sets, but each component can also be purchased separately to build an individual set.”

The two sets comprise of:

MILITARY SET (Image Shown)

The Guardian Military Set is assembled with active-duty soldiers in mind. It includes three main components: the Guardian Plate Carrier tactical vest, modular side panels called Guardian Cummerbund, and a front panel Guardian Flap. The entire system is designed to meet the expectations of modern armed forces. The modular system compatible with MOLLE/PALS allows for gear customisation depending on needs and tasks.

Guardian Plate Carrier, a vest for carrying ballistic plates

Guardian Cummerbund, wide side panels that fasten the vest

Guardian Flap, a front panel compatible with the MOLLE/PALS system, also allows for carrying 3 AR/AK magazines


The Guardian Law Enforcement Set has been created considering the requirements of police services and other uniformed formations. At its core is the Guardian Plate Carrier tactical vest. The set also includes two modular side panels, Guardian Cummerbund, a front panel called Guardian Kangaroo Flap, and an additional Law Enforcement Insert equipped with four functional pockets. This is a base set for police gear and other uniformed units, with options for individual customisation.

Guardian Plate Carrier, a vest for carrying ballistic plates

Guardian Cummerbund, side panels that fasten the vest

Guardian Kangaroo Flap, a front panel with a place for dedicated inserts

Law Enforcement Insert, an insert with pockets for equipment


The Guardian Plate Carrier is designed to be compatible with HELIKON-TEX products from the Competition series, both those with a modular system compatible with MOLLE/PALS, and through the Kangaroo Flap, with inserts from the Competition set.

The Competition Med Kit, Universal Utility Pouch, Dump Pouch, and two magazine pouches, Competition Rapid Pistol Pouch and Competition Rapid Carbine Pouch can all be added to the plate carrier. By combining elements from the Guardian and Competition series, you can customise the plate carrier to your needs.

The finished production sets look righteous to us, and hopefully we’ll be able to get “hands on” in the not-too-distant future as the system rolls out fully, and of course we’ll be sure to report back when we do !