Hi again fellow BB-slingers, gonna kick things off this week by saying that the eagle-eyed among you have already noticed that ISSUE 155 is already live on here and on ISSUU and there’s a reason for this… after our “summer recess reboot” we wanted to make sure that everything was working 100% as it should, so we launched the “master copy” a little early to make sure that the uploads worked seamlessly as always.

All is well, and ISSUE 155 will hit all our other publishing platforms as usual on the 15th.

Thanks to those of you that have already been in touch… our “DMR SPECIAL” is obviously hitting the spot with you, and we’ve had real fun putting it together as it gave us an opportunity to talk about some of our favourite “long guns” both new and old.

So yeah, it’s been a great week, all systems are working perfectly, and reports/content is already flowing in from the AA CREW for ISSUE 156 next month… we’re back in the groove and rolling “5 x 5”, but Bill is busy doing his least favourite thing… the dreaded ADMIN… sucks being the boss sometimes!

But for the rest of the AA LEGION of course that means more time in the workshops and on the ranges, more time at events, and even more time getting our game on!

As always our “Main Man in Taiwan” Stewbacca kicked things off this week; he said “Team TaiJi are going back to Xindian in the South of Taipei for some long range hill top forest work. Having finalised the SVDS review in this issue and not gotten around to picking up an M249 GBBR LMG just yet from VPSC I’m going to take the opportunity to make use of the PSG-1 again and perhaps the RATech Noveske N4 and/or HK53 while I have some ‘me time’ on guns!”

Miguel told us “We are going to hit our field with a few guys, getting our gear ready for Op. Interior 2 next week; some small games and gear testing, something light and simple…”

Robbie checked in from the USA and told us “I will actually be teaching reality based training with airsoft this weekend, what originally brought me to airsoft many years ago! Mostly overrspeed training, having then do things far faster than you can safely with real firearms, and using the 360 degree “gun kata” I came up with ages ago LoL!”

Boycie is also on “training days” and said “I’m working on a training plan for a company utilising airsoft for safe training before “going live”…”

Our techs are back at full-speed too as Dan told us “I’ve got a customers VFC MG4 that I’m going to do a full rebuild on and see about turning into a suitable LMG instead of its current paperweight status. It will either break me, or this head cold will, maybe all of the above!”

Jimmy reported on to say “I’m working at the shop on Saturday as I have a rather lovely ICS M1 Garand that is in for some choice upgrades, bringing the power up to 450fps and an attempt to fix the awful semi-auto lock.

As it is a semi-auto-only rifle when this locks up it isn’t easy to sort out unlike other rifles that have full auto. Most airsofters if not all have suffered semi-auto lock and we all know to flick it into auto and give a quick burst to unlock the trigger trolley; well, you can’t do that with a Garand and most the time requires you to disassemble it which is a pain.

Sunday though I am off to Cool Under Fire locally for the October Onslaught; I won’t be playing sadly but I will be fettling with rifles and getting them all sorted out for an upcoming MilSim I have been invited to join. My first ever 36 hour MilSim… I am hoping it goes smoothly!”

And Ben is also preparing as he said that “I shall be spending some time with my best friend getting used to moving and shooting under digital NVG’s…. prepping for night games to come…he who dares going dark…”

Busy, busy again, and as we head into the back quarter of 2023 we’re already reflecting on what an amazing airsoft year it’s already been, and there’s still so much more to look forward to! We hope that you’ve all got a fabulous weekend ahead of you, and wherever you’re heading, and whatever type if airsoft you love, Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!