As we’ve all been playing around with DMR models ready for the new issue, we’re really excited to hear about the TR80 DMR from our friends at G&G ARMAMENT, and this is most definitely a model that we want to find out more about when we see them at the end of this month!

We’ve been given the nod that inside are the fundamentals of the MXC9 in DMR form, obviously with a much longer 475mm inner barrel, ETU, and a short magazine (.308/7.62 style) holding 48 BBs. As the MXC9 is a platfrom that we have GREAT respect for, the DMR version promises to be a little special!

We’ve also ascertained that this 1002.2mm, 3425g rifle has the excellent Ifrit 25K Long Axis (orange) motor, an alloy M-LOK-esque handguard, and the awesome-looking GOS-V12 stock with integrated monopod! Inside we believe that it’s the G3/MOSFET setup, with G&G’s own wireless remote control system for adjusting modes and parameters of the integrated ETU.

It’s a great looking package right enough and one we look forward getting our hands on… we’ll report further when more information becomes available!