When it comes to MilSim the cry we hear from players is that “we want it as real as it can be” and VegaForceCompany (VFC) have been listening hard and pandering to our needs with some awesome licenced (true) replicas over the last couple of years!

And it doesn’t come more “real” than the T91 SOC GBBR!

VFC tell us that “the T91 rifle, the standard issue for the Taiwanese military, has a compelling history and noteworthy features that reflect Taiwan’s commitment to modern military technology. Developed in the early 2000s by the Armaments Bureau and the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, the T91 replaced the T65K2 rifle to meet the evolving needs of the armed forces.

One standout feature of the T91 is its gas piston system with a short-stroke gas piston. This design ensures enhanced reliability, reduced recoil, and improved accuracy during sustained fire. Chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, it aligns with international standards, facilitating interoperability with allied forces.

Beyond its military applications, the T91 has gained popularity in civilian circles, both in Taiwan and internationally. Its export variants have been sought after by firearm enthusiasts for their robust design and adherence to high-quality manufacturing standards, showcasing Taiwan’s expertise in small arms development. The T91 stands as a testament to Taiwan’s capability to independently design and produce advanced military hardware to meet the demands of the modern battlefield.”

And the new GBBR is a real beast as Bill and Stewbacca found out when then visited the VFC Pentagon Service Centre in Taipei and had a chance to shoot this new replica (spoiler… both of them loved it!)!

The features on this new GBBR are very cool indeed as the T91 SOC released by VFC adopts the new tactical handguard originally designed by VFC, respectively the SSRA (Solid Slim Rail A Type) standard version (built-in) and the SSRB (Solid Slim Rail B Type) long version (optional). Players can match accessories according to their own needs, allowing the T91 SOC to have more flexible tactical choices.

The VFC T91 SOC  has not only has all the recently updated mechanisms of the VFC AR GBB system included, but also adds 3-BB burst-firing mode in the new lower receiver internal structure; not only does it have more flexible firepower options but with the new-design T91 gas magazine, it will definitely improve the overall shooting and operating experience of the carbine!

This new airsoft model T91 SOC is the first time that VFC has launched a Taiwanese military rifle, and it is expected that a full range of tactical accessories will follow; indeed VFC have said they will launch more exciting products in the future, but Stewbacca will be looking at the carbine itself soon in detail… so stay tuned!