Back in ISSUE 124 we took a close look at the HUDSON H9 GBB, and the fully-licenced EMG H9 combined everything great about 1911 and striker-fired style pistols, and was put together with the best materials and some true love! Bill certainly enjoyed shooting the real Hudson when he had the chance, and said:

“I have to admit that the replica has just gone on my personal list on “must haves”, and that my fellow airsofters, is the best recommendation I can give you!”

However, as we also said at the time, some fires burn oh, so brightly for a while but then they sadly dwindle down to glowing embers, and ultimately to ash. So it seems to have been with Hudson mfg who appeared almost from nowhere and ascended in a flare of publicity and scuttlebutt with their new pistol design… and then promptly disappeared!

So, for a while there it seemed that the only way that many shooters, both real and airsoft alike would ever get their hands on a piece of firearms history was via the EMG replica, but the story is NOT OVER it would appear!

Word came earlier this week that the H9 would live again… and this time via way of none other than Daniel Defense!

On their website Daniel Defense tell us that “There’s something special about the new Daniel H9 handgun. Sure, it’s special because it’s the first handgun Daniel Defense has ever produced and represents a marked departure from the legendary AR-style and bolt-action rifles the company is known for. But it’s also special in its own right, because this compact, lightweight handgun is feature heavy, extremely accurate, and easy (and fun) to shoot.

“After a few shots, you may not believe that the H9 is as lightweight as compact as it feels in your hands. The combination of its natural feel and pointability, G-10 grips, dovetail sights, straight-pullback trigger, and reduced muzzle flip from its low bore axis make it feel like you have the controllability of shooting a heavier, much larger handgun. Again, it really does look—and shoot—like a hybrid between a 1911 and striker-fired pistol.

“(What) you’ve just read describing what’s special about the Daniel H9 still don’t do it adequate justice. The best way to truly get a feel for this revolutionary handgun is to hold one in your own hands. Better yet, actually fire one to see how ergonomic and easy shooting this revolutionary new handgun truly is.”

So, this is exciting news again for both “real” shooters and airsofters alike… We already know that EMG have a great relationship with Daniel Defense so we’re hopeful that we may see a new “V2” iteration of this awesome little GBB!

Is it a fact yet? No, but we live in hope…