Yesterday was a full-on “on the road day” for us as we paid one of our regular visits to our mates at iWholesales to discuss new models arriving with them, and plans for the coming year, and one of the “little tasties” that we picked up for further investigation was the EMG F1 FIREARMS SBR AEG !

Now this is quite an unusual style of AR, but one which struck a bit of a chord with us for some reason, probably as we know about F1 FIREARMS and how cool their “real deal” designs are.

For those that don’t know, hailing from Texas F1 Firearms has become one of the premier brands in semi-automatic sporting rifles. Utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, F1 produces firearms that are lighter, stronger, more accurate and built to more demanding tolerances than many out there! F1 Firearms are most definitely designed to stand out from the crowd and they say “with an F1 rifle, not only will you look better than the rest, you.ll shoot better than the rest!”

Now of course this is something that we’ll have to establish for ourselves, but as the AEG is going to be with us across this winter we’ll look forward to publishing more of this unique platform along with our findings in the New Year!