It will undoubtedly come as little surprise to anyone that knows us that we’re pretty darn stoked about the latest gas-driven release from our friends at VFC that has finally got everything good that they do in one platform, and that everything has been put together in the “Daddy of the AR”, the COLT XM16E1!

VFC tell us that;

“The styling is taken from the Colt XM16E1 in the early Vietnam War. It includes the iconic 3-prong flash hider, the 20-inch outer barrel, M16 style front sight, classic M16A1 type nylon handguard, correct M16 type lower receiver, carrying handle upper receiver, early-type dummy forward assist knob, bolt carrier group with silver chrome plated, etc… plus the lower receiver with a fully authorized Colt marking and US DOD Stamp, all the appearance details of the Colt XM16E1 are integrated in one place.”

Created under the Cybergun COLT licence with fully authorized markings, VFC have strived to “reproduce the XM16E1 in Vietnam War, including details and engravings are complete and exquisite…”

And the new XM16E1 GBBR has not only got the authorization from Colt, but also benefits from all the updated “OS” of the VFC AR GBB family in one model, including the new improved Lower Receiver internal structure, the improvement of the firing pin design and newly designed “non-cut lever” steel hammer set, this time adding a new setting buffer spring, with their new design gas magazine, and all this will definitely improve the overall performance of the XM16E1!

We are 100% loving this, and we’re pleased to say that Stewbacca will be getting “hands on” imminently, and reporting back in full as usual as soon a possible!

All we’ll say right now is “GET SUM”!!!