We do love a good pistol-only game, and when the chips are down it’s all about how fast you can go “Sights, Acquire, Fire”, and anything that helps you get on target, or transition from target to target, swiftly and effectively is a REAL bonus!

Our good friend Chris over at the Airsoft & MilSim News Blog got his hands on the very latest PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set and has done a fabulous, image-heavy review on them over on AMNB that’s 100% wroth a look! As he says…

“When you buy a stock gun, touched and played with it once you automatically start looking at it and think; You’re nice, welcome to my collection but how can I improve you to get you better. Mostly players think about the internals but in this overview, we stick to the outside or to be a bit more presided; to the sights.

The PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set is definitely a great upgrade to your Glock replacing the standard sights not just because they’re made from steel allow instead of polymer providing a much longer lifetime. The modern, improved, slim and clear sight picture provides the shooter the ability to pick-up targets much faster as with standards sights. Thanks to the red fiber in the front sight, shooting under all light conditions are basically the same. What means: clear and straight on point. I can only imagine how good the real steel ZEV sights are. I think, I should bring them up for a comparison one day.

If you want to do yourself and of course your beloved Glock a favor, get a pair of those!”

Check out Chris’ full review of the PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set HERE!