Many players we meet ask us exactly how we go about testing models, and we pride ourselves of putting each and every test rifle or pistol through it’s paces on a range at the very least, and during the past year our ranges have become hallowed places for us!

Many of the AA crew have either a range at home or have access to private land where they can set up a range (see our post about “Andy’s Range in a Bag“!) to test on, but our good friend, AA “Legionnaire”, and Evolution “Face” Bjorn from Klockar Airsoft has well and truly trumped us all by taking the new M40 bolt-action to a professional range to carry out his evaluation of the new model!

It’s fair to say from his joint report with Bill on the new rifle that Evolution International have produced a super airsoft replica of the venerable M40A3 bolt-action with some great features that include:

  • Spring powered
  • VSR10 compatible internals
  • CNC machined aluminium outer barrel
  • 6.03 tight bore inner barrel
  • High impact engineering fiber reinforced polymers
  • Adjustable cheek piece
  • Adjustable butt stock

Available in black, tan or OD green, if your prefer the accuracy of a bolt-action rifle over the field-expediency of an AEG, or want to get a head-start into the arcane arts of the airsoft sniper, then the latest model from Evolution is most certainly going to be worth checking out.

Stay tuned for Issue 125 that will go live on 15 April to get the full report and lowdown!