Holsters are a very personal thing, aren’t they, and a number of the AA crew in the UK swear by those created by our old mate Taig at Kydex Customs!

We’re therefore pleased to see that he’s been doing some “design skunkwork”, and although the existing Hi Capa holster model is one that we’ve very much tried and tested, we’re very pleased to see the new PRO SERIES version!

We spoke to Taig to ask him about the new versions and he told us:

“There are some big differences between the Basic and Pro Series Hi Capa Holsters. There’s two points of Adjustable Retention as opposed to the single one on the basic which allows for more fine tuning and custom, very personalised levels of retention able to be applied. There’s better definition which leads to better fitment in the Pro Series RMR Cut to accommodate larger models of red dot sight, along with greater accommodation for extended magazine and slide releases.

Slight changes to the mounting system on the back give the new holsters an even lower profile and can be attached to more makes/models of mounts The moulds have been made in-house from the ground up, by us. So they’re literally the best holster we can bring to the market and they’re made entirely in the UK.”

The new Pro Series Hi Capa Holsters are designed to work with all standard makes and models of Airsoft Hi Capa on the market. We’ve had one of the new models to test out, and our overview is that it does indeed move things along in a very positive direction. The new holster sits even closer on the belt or platform, meaning that your draw is even more stable than before. The new retention system is quick and simple to adjust, meaning that you can go from range to field easily (we like a little more retention when in “full rattle” mode!).

The profile is indeed very refined and shows huge attention to detail, and we’ve tried it with a number of different “1911” styles, both classic and Hi Capa, and it works perfectly with all models. These holsters are made from genuine 2mm (.08”) P1 Kydex, and different mounting options are available on the Kydex Customs website so that you can tailor it to your personal carry style; you can even have them wrapped in either 1000D or 500D Cordura Fabric in different colours or camo patterns to match your gucci loadout for a few bucks more if you really want!

We’ve been lucky enough to know Taig since he first started making kydex gear, and we know that every single item in the Kydex Customs line has been thoroughly tested and is made with care and attention to detail in the smallest of things. The new Pro Series Hi Capa Holsters are a welcome addition to an already solid range, and we look forward to seeing what comes next!

These holsters are available now, and come with our full recommendation as we KNOW from our own experiences that they won’t let you down!