Summer time has finally arrived (yes, we remembered to change the clocks!) and that means better, weather, longer days, and more fun to be had testing AEGs and GBBs on the range! With the UK C-Virus guidelines currently moving towards some easing, it also means that Red Cell can finally start to meet again in person, and like all of you out there, we’re REALLY looking forward to meeting and shooting together again!

In the meantime the AA crew have all been busy testing new models individually, and Issue 125 (due on 15 April) has some real treats to look forward to! There’s AEGs, GBBs, and even a new spring bolt-action model lined up for what will be another bumper issue, and Bill has been out testing the new WE Airsoft M4A1 PCC that we announced here on the website a short time ago. Bill is a big fan off the WE open bolt gas system and has been looking forward to this model for some time, especially as it has the potential to be not just a great airsoft carbine that could lure newer players down the “gas route”, but also to work as a cost-effective training tool for “real” shooters!

The WE PCC SERIES, just like their other classic “M4” models, are full metal GBBs, really substantial replicas that feel a lot like the real thing.The “M4A1” from WE is more in line with the current 9mm pistol calibre carbines which use Glock magazines. The carbine is patterned after the traditional “M4” featuring a simple forestock that will allow you to make use of the many “drop-in” AR rails out there, a removable carry handle and basic four-stage retractable “LE” stock.

Internally it benefits from the same high-quality parts and construction we’ve seen in many other WE “M4” GBBRs and can easily be swapped out for upgrade parts or replacement parts if necessary. An important point to note is the new lower receiver which has been made to accommodate G-series-style pistol magazines; please note that AR/M4 magazines will NOT fit. WE has managed to create this GBB with a surprisingly strong recoil impulse and snappy cycling, even though they’re only using a pistol-style magazine. To add to this, there is a different buffer spring for you to experience an even faster cycling rate!

Whilst the “classic” configuration may not sing to you as much as it does to us, WE have created several different models using the same base technology, so the choice is yours! If you want to try your hand at using as GBBR for skirmishing, then although the standard PCC magazines are 50BB capacity, you’ll be pleased to hear that the WE DRUM MAGAZINE SERIES will provide 300BB capacity and will be released soon, so you can “spray and pray” to your heart’s content if that’s your thing…

We still think that is is a very cool looking GBB carbine, and thus far it’s doing pretty darn well under testing conditions, and our sincere thanks go to iWholesales for providing the test model!

Colour: Black
Category: GBB ( Gas Blow Back )
Hop-up: Adjustable
Blow Back: Yes
Calibre: 6mm BB
Shooting Mode: Semi / Fully Automatic
Power (Muzzle Velocity): iro 380 FPS (quoted)
Power Source: Top Gas / Green Gas (HFC22)
Magazine Capacity: 50 BBs
Length: 768mm/850mm (Extended)
Inner Barrel Length: 350mm
Weight: iro 4000g