It seems that this week could be a good one for the long-distance shooters out there!

One of the bolt-action rifles we’ve been playing around with on the range during lockdown is the original SA-S02 model from Specna Arms, and even stock it’s proving to be a fun rifle to shoot, and with a few tweaks has the potential to be a real tack-driver.

The SA-S02 has been consistent in range testing, putting out 1.65 Joule/423fps on a .20g BB, although we mostly use .30g in it as it seems to like this weight and hop them well. However, Specna Arms have just released the “next gen” of their bolties with the introduction of the “HV” versions!

Taking all the good stuff from the originals, the High Velocity (HV) version has a modified internal build based on reinforced aluminum and steel parts. Thanks to these modifications, the rifle straight from the box achieves a muzzle velocity of nearly 500fps, while ensuring smooth operation. The changes in the High Velocity version include:

– redesigned trigger unit with steel parts
– lightweight, CNC aluminum piston
– CNC aluminum spring guide
– high power main spring

We understand that the replica is made of metal and reinforced polymer. Metal parts include the “working” set of the external barrel along with the chamber, trigger and charging handle as well as RIS accessory rails and all assembly elements such as screws. The chassis with the stock, stock pad and the magazine are made of solid polymer. The stock pad features a comfortable rubber pad, and thickness can be adjusted using a set of exchangeable overlays. In combination with the adjustable cheek pad it enables adjusting the stock to user preferences.

The implementation of Ncore™ reinforced polymer makes the construction very durable and the matt finish of the chassis gives CORE™ rifle a really high-quality look and feel. In addition, metal elements feature are Nano Coated to prevent scratches. The bolt carrier features laser-engraved Specna Arms markings.

The replica consists of two main elements: the chassis with the stock and the barrel with the chamber, and we’ve seen from the original models that this is a simple and practical solution when it comes to transportation and storage Thanks to the 22mm RIS/Picatinny rails, the rifle can be equipped with any optics and additional accessories such as a bipod. The rifle also has two double-sided swivels for the attachment of a QD sling.

And a real bonus is that the rifles even come with three magazines as standard!

We’ve really enjoyed shooting the original SA-SO2 during the last year, and we’re really interested to see what the “HV” variant brings to the table; rest assured that when we’ve been able to get one on the range we’ll report back as soon as we can!