As we prepare for the UK National Airsoft Festival where we’re looking forward to meeting the team from ACTIONSPORTGAMES our man Boycie (in all his sartorial elegance!) got a “sneak peek” at what they’ll have to show us over the weekend!

He reported in this morning and told us;

Just back from an awesome exclusive day for AA magazine and a group of  airsoft ladies finding out about the new products landing from ASG in the coming couple of months. I can’t show many pics until after Friday but if you’re at The NAF at the weekend you’ll be able to see them there.

Btw, we got to fire everything on offer and as a 45 year veteran of RS shooting and almost 35 yrs of airsoft (before it was “airsoft”) some of the pistols are just phenomenal performers. We also got a full behind the scenes tour of the ASG offices plus a new thing that ASG will be launching next month but I can’t yet say what.

Thanks to Paul, JB, Clark and the whole ASG crew for making us welcome and for a great day!”

So, it looks like the NAF crew of Bill, Jimmy, and Ben, and indeed all the players attending the Festival will have something else to look forward to this weekend, and of course we’ll report back in full about what we see!

And also of course we look forward to meeting some you in person at NAF ’23… it’s gonna be ACE!