It’s come to our attention that there’s a potential airsoft battle on the horizon, and not in a good way!

We received an advisory from WE AIRSOFT that they are currently in the process of initiating legal action over possible infringements and “copy-catting” of their popular gas.

The advisory reads:

“Announcement from WE airsoft TAIWAN manufacturer

Dear all airsoft players,

Regarding the product ‘WE Green Gas“, there are some clarification as follows to notify our airsoft players.

  1. “WE factory” does not have any cooperation with “XXXXX” to produce “WE GREEN GAS.”
  2. The product“WE GREEN GAS” has always been manufactured and sold by “WETTI.”

If anyone would like to buy WE green gas, please contact with WETTI directly .


WE TAIWAN manufacturer”

Whilst we believe that it is fundamentally right and proper for any manufacturer to protect their patents, intellectual property, and products, this advisory just goes to reinforce what we have been saying for some time… airsoft is changing, it is becoming (like it nor not!) more commercial, and the market for consumables worldwide is a massive one generating a LOT of money for the companies involved in their creation.

We have chosen here to quote the potentially infringing party as “XXXXX” as legal action is, we are led to believe, in process, but if you want to know more you can join the somewhat heated conversation over on the WE AIRSOFT facebook page; we are not taking sides here, we are merely reporting this development and not commenting directly on it as we believe in the tenet of “innocence until (legally) proved guilty”.

Again, we would stress that we are totally behind any manufacturer that strives to protect their products, and we hope that legally this situation will be resolved amicably. However, we do not like the precedent that is being set in our world of airsoft that social media can be potentially galvanised to add weight to any legal case before said case is proven or indeed even heard; although this appears to now be common practice is it not one that we have to be comfortable with…

Of course we will watch this story carefully as it develops and report accordingly, and will have no problem naming any party found guilty of any infringement once it has been proved legally.

For now please ensure that the gas you think you are buying is actually the gas you receive when you part with your cash, and buy from a manufacturer you know you can trust!