It’s been a busy old week after our move and vacation at AAHQ as we begin to ramp up again for Issue 143 on 15 October… but it’s ALL good and the content is in and already off to design!

The AA Crew and The Legion are all back to full speed again too, with range sessions, games and events all going on as usual in most places!

Bill’s back to the range this weekend to put together his final notes on the CANIK TP9 and now that his VFC LAR GBBR has FINALLY cleared customs and arrived he’s going to be getting to work on that too, although Stewbacca has already landed his evaluation ready for the new issue. Bill says “the problems with UK import even as a registered airsoft player are obviously still with us, and if your shipper has to use UPS then be prepared for gross inefficiency and LONG delays in receiving your new ARG or GBB… this said, the new VFC LAR has 100% been worth the wait, and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with this stunning GBBR this weekend!”

And talking of Stewbacca, his self-imposed tempo seems to have little letup as he tells us that “I’m back to it after missing last weekend’s game for the militaria show. Team TaiJi are off up to Xindian in force it seems and hopefully I won’t bugger up my ankle like last time there. I’ll be fielding the FAL with the scope rail fitted and seeing if I can use it as a DMR effectively.”

And he’s not alone in heading on out as Bjorn (thanks to him for the post image this week!) reports “I’m going back to Stråssa to go undercover as MrX; over 300 players is on the list this time and all teams will hunt me!” while Miguel is “out to Narcos V with the guys, a game fairly close to use. We also need to get some airsoft in after working on the field last weekend!”

New Legion Associate Josh at Krios Photography joined our chat to say that “I’m off to an airsoft event with some content creators. I’m filming the first short video where I highlight other photographers work! Also it’s the first time I have played airsoft in a good while!” and Jimmy jumped in to tell us that “I shall be putting my practice to the test; Sunday is competition day locally as 308 Sniper in Kent are going to be hosting an IPSC-style comp. I spent the last couple of weeks drilling so I am fairly confident of some good results; I will be competing in pistol only as well as pistol and rifle combined… Wish me luck!”

Chris is involved in “more kit sorting for a very good friend of mine in the Living History community. Sadly I’m probably not playing till the middle of October… damn adulting!” and Dan checked in to tell us that “I’ve been down with the plague for the last couple weeks (thanks first day of school!), so I’m really behind on builds. There’s no games scheduled for the next couple of weekends, so I’m planning on working as much as possible in the shop. I also had some success with a little side project, so this will be coming down the pipeline soon(ish)…”

And it would appear that the dreaded C-Virus is still out there and affecting games in some parts of the world as Hana told us “we have seven-day National Day holiday so it will be the biggest weekend! Unfortunately there is no airsoft event in Shenzhen because COVID has spread to 14 people since yesterday and we have entered a small area of control again…”

So, if you’re lucky enough to be playing airsoft this weekend, please give a thought to those not so lucky, and give a big “hi-five” for those that are not able to get out as easily as most of us are. Bill also asked us to give a big shout out to all the players, especially his old OC-16 “familia”, in Florida that have been affected by Hurricane Ian… we hope that you’re all safe and that your lives can get back to normal as soon as possible!

As always though, we’ll wish you all a fabulous weekend of airsoft, and wherever you are Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!