Another “office week” begins after a thoroughly great weekend of airsoft so it’s back to business as usual, and there’s a lot to be analysed and worked on, that’s for sure!

But we HAVE to talk again about our headline review model for the upcoming issue on the 15th, and that’s the very latest GBBR from our good friends at VegaForceCompany, the LAR or by any other name, the FN FAL!

As we said before, if any rifle deserved the GBB-treatment then it’s this one, and VFC told us of the LAR GBBR right from the start when we first saw it at MOA;

“The LAR is a representative classic rifle of the “Free World” in Cold War. However, until today the LAR rifles on the market have only had the option of an AEG version. In response to the expectations of many GBB system collectors, VFC launched in 2022 the long awaited GBB version that is a combination of their legendary attention to detail and quality combned with realistic operating performance. The result is what we consider the most worthy GBB version of LAR to date!”

This is a rifle model that in the real world set the tone for many nations; with a production life running from 1953 to 1988 these fabulous battle rifles are still seen around the world in service to this day, and at the height of their service life they were one of the most widely used rifles in history, having been used, it is believed, by more than 90 countries!

Stewbacca has worked up a HUGE report on this benchmark rifle for Issue 143, and as Bill finally has his own we’ll also be coming back to the LAR over the coming months to track on its performance not just as new, but as it beds in and gets work done; new AEG and GBB reviews are all very well, but you know that we’re all about how a model performs over time, so continue to watch this space for updates.

For now though Bill has reported back from his initial range session over the weekend that;

“The LAR ROCKS! Stewbacca had given me warning of the sheer noise that this thing makes, and he wasn’t wrong; with an LAR all your mates will know exactly where you are on the field! It’s also 100% sturdy, shoots very well indeed, and I can’t wait to see just HOW well it performs once it beds in fully!”

Once again, a great big AA “Thank You” to VFC for trusting Airsoft Action with your latest GBB creation, and look out for the full lowdown in Issue 143!