Wow! What week it’s been! ISSUE 161 is now in final prep for uploading over the weekend so it’s good to go for MONDAY, and there’s a little bit of airsoft-something in it that we hope will please you, no matter what your flavour of airsoft may be, no matter where you may be in this big old 6mm world that we share!

With the majority of the gruntwork done Bill tells us that “tomorrow bright and early I’m off to EXCEL in London to check out the annual SALUTE game show! There’ll be a lot to see there from what I can make out from the show guide, but what I’m really interested in is the ultra-modern and “five minutes-into-the-future” tabletop games that I know many of you, like me, seem to enjoy when we’re not out playing airsoft!

Then Sunday… I’ve finished up my evaluation for the DOUBLE BELL L119A2 (pictured) so as the weather looks to be good for the weekend I’ll head off to the woods range with the new Noveske GBB carbine along with the “Dracarys” to start working up their shoot-time… the summer finally appears to be approaching so I’m looking forward to some properly dry, warm, and lengthy range days ahead!”

Miguel has an exciting weekend lined up too as he told us “this weekend will be a special one. My team is organizing an event in commemoration of our 16th birthday. Saturday afternoon we will be in the field preparing some aspects of the game, a bit later in the same day, some teams from further parts of the country will arrive, and we are going to hold a small BBQ among all,. They will then stay overnight in the field. The game itself will be Sunday; it will be an RTS-style gameplay, with two factions fighting for resources, with which the commander will be able to develop different technologies to progress in the game, and help his faction.”

Dan is back at it in the workshop and said “for this upcoming weekend, the mighty Lambda MK48 previously featured in Airsoft Action has returned to get some adjustments done so it works with a Bullgear CNC hopup chamber. The original chamber met an untimely demise when someone dropped it on the floor and sheared it in half. Lambda themselves have been incommunicado about getting replacement parts so we had to wait on Bullgear to develop this. Naturally, it’s no straight drop in, so I am expecting to have to change the air nozzle and maybe do some tappet tuning to achieve optimum feeding and air seal again.

Then I’ve got a King Arms SVD AEG to upgrade here, which is one model I have not worked on before as these are relatively rare in the US. It looks to be an interesting job though, and I’m curious to see how it stacks up to the CYMA versions, which would be its next closest contender.”

Stewbacca is also hard at it as usual and reported in from “Airsoft Central” to tell us “we got rained off our Xindian site last weekend and ended up at Yangmei doing some indoor/outdoor CQB games and drills which were a great baptism of fire for the VFC M16A1 GBBR. This week we should make it to Xindian weather permitting, I’ll try the M16A1 out in a more jungle/forest environment and spend some more time behind the LCT AK74 in a new guise for further review of their expansive modular accessories for another upcoming article.

Many thanks to POPULAR AIRSOFT, the industry, and the airsoft community that supports us and our efforts at large for the award this year!”

We can only echo Stewbacca’s sentiment by once again saying a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all of you out there that voted for us this time; rest assured that we’ll try very hard indeed to live up to the standard that got us to this point… as we aim to keep the award in 2025!

For now though we’ll bed you all have a GREAT weekend, and wherever you may be, and whatever airsoft adventures lay ahead of you… Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!