It may seem a little strange, but we do actually read other magazines ourselves and one of our regular faves is FRAG OUT!

Like Airsoft Action FRAG OUT! is an international digital magazine dealing with all tactical, military, law enforcement and defense and security matters. The magazine is available for free on almost every platform (desktop, tablet or smartphones) and is put together by “guys in the know” whose opinion we respect.

They’ve just dropped Issue 32 which includes some great reports on:

  • Myth of Merkava Pt.2

    European Tactical Aviation Pt.2

    LPR HEMS Aviation Fleet

    Terror in Vienna

    Drone Wars: Nagorno-Karabakh

    Police EOD

    Fabryka Broni GROT 762N

    Fabryka Broni GROT: 30 months of use

    US Army NGSW: Next Generation Squad Weapons

    Ops-Core RAC & AMP Headsets

    Carinthia MIG 4.0

    Helikon SFU NEXT Mk2 Pants

    Wiley X Detection

We think this is a great read, so take a moment to check it out if you haven’t done so before, we think you’ll like what you see!