As everyone knows we’ve been following the story of the VORSK VMP-1 right from the very beginning, and we’re thrilled to see that there’s now a thriving online community talking about this super little gasser and sharing information… and the best bit is that VORSK themselves are active in the user-group answering questions and giving information freely about their latest airsoft creation!

A number of owners and users asked some questions about how they could best maintain their shiny new VMP-1 and VORSK responded promptly by not only giving answers to specific questions in the group on an individual basis, but by creating this awesome video!

This is something that we thoroughly applaud, and something that other manufacturers should take note of. It’s all very well just dumping a new AEG or GBB on the market, but if you want to ensure that users are getting the best from it then you REALLY need to be following the VORSK lead and giving them all the information that they need.

People often ask why AIRSOFT ACTION and VORSK have the close relationship we do, and this is a brilliant example of just why we rate them so highly, not just for what they create, but in how they directly support the players using their platforms.

Well done VORSK!