Okay, we’ve known about this for some considerable time as Stewbacca first got hands-on at MOA and also “in the wild” at a recent GBB event in Taiwan, but it looks like the VFC M249 GBB LMG is finally about to drop with happy customers worldwide!

So the story goes;

“The world’s first practical gas blowback machine gun. Its aluminum receiver reduces overall weight to just 3.4kg making this a highly versatile platform. The innovative Independent air and ammunition supply system is more suitable for game use that attempting to combine ammo and air as per a usual GBBR. The simulation aluminum bolt carrier, greatly improves performance and increases shot count. The Internal polymer 100rnd lightweight magazines offer realistic ammo capacity and click into the inside of the feed tray.

The weapon is open bolt to increase realism, full the bolt back and you are ready to fire. The realistic quick-disassembly barrel design and most of the simulation operation provide an extremely good level of realism to this weapon. Equipped with faux bullet shake system this LMG will feel even more realistic when firing. Equipped with no ammunition firing and no ammunition not firing switching system.

The LMG includes a dummy M4 magazine which holds the gas, however, you can also purchase a gas holding box magazine which provides a greater supply to keep you going for longer.”

Looking at the dedicated page on the VFC website for accessories there’s a few different designs of the box magazine if you’re looking to create a specific look, along with a rail system and different stock options, and we’re certain there will be much more to come!

This is a model that will undoubtedly be the basis of much debate, but for us at least… WE LOVE IT!

Keep your eyes peeled for more information as we have it and testing commences!